Painting Business Success – How To Choose The Right Paints For Your Painting Business

Finding the right paints for your painting business will make a big difference in your overall performance in the long run.

For example: maybe you are a commercial painter and you need high-speed, high-volume painting products that you can spray and back-roll. You want to find products that are not only low-cost, but offer the least amount of labor time to apply.

This fattens your bottom line when it comes to turning a profit. Especially if you hire painters or sub-contractors to do most of the work.

In my painting business I do mostly re-paints (existing residential or commercial painting). When it comes to a customers home, they usually want first class paint. The paint I currently use for walls is not only a first class product but it also offers the least amount of work to make the job look good. (On tall walls it does not show lap lines like many latex paints do.)

The last thing I want is to add a third coat and the wall still shows lap lines. I do not want to walk away wondering if the customer likes the custom paint job that I did or not. I want the confidence that they are well-pleased with my work. This way they will be telling all their friends about my work.

It also took time to find a new ceiling paint to replace another brand I was happy with. This new product is not a fancy name brand, but it is not a cheap grade paint either. But what I like is that it does save a lot of head aches in labor time and it looks good without leaving any lap marks or lap lines. And I hate lap lines on ceilings. Maybe the customer cannot see them but I candiscover this info here.

One thing I like about this new ceiling paint is that it dries fast and can be re-coated in just one hour. If you are doing just ceilings, you can get in and out of a home fast and make MORE money in LESS time. It takes time to find the right paint products that only you the painter can be happy with. Once I find a paint I like, I stay with it as long as it is around.

Enamel paints and primers for woodwork and trim are important also. Finding a good satin finish paint in latex or alkyd that is easy to work with and looks great when finished is a big plus. When I trim out doors, interior and exterior, I want a product that levels out good and that does not tack up on brush strokes.

You cannot go wrong with products like Benjamin Moore, Graham, Sherwin Williams, etc. But again, you need to find products that you personally like using. Just like paint brushes and roller covers, everyone has their own preferences.

Lee Cusano has owned and operated his own successful painting business for over 16 years. He has also helped many others to start their own painting business with his “Paint Like a Pro Estimating and Advertising CD-ROM”.

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